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Red-Ribbon Week



PTA is proud to sponsor this year’s Red Ribbon Week with the theme: YOLO – You Only Live Once, Be Drug Free! Click here for a detailed description of the week’s events. Here are a couple of important reminders for the week:


Wednesday: Team up Against Drugs and wear your favorite sports team shirt

Thursday: I Elect to be Drug Free – Wear Red, White and Blue

Friday: Red-y to be Drug Free – Wear Red


Halloween Information


HALLOWEEN PARADE – MONDAY, OCT. 31ST AT 9:15 AM Parents and family are invited to come and view this spectacular event! Please walk your child to class (if needed) and then all visitors are asked to wait outside the front gates until 9:15 am, when we open the campus for the parade. Students may come to school in costumes that meet the school dress code and need to bring regular shoes and clothes to change into after the parade. See below for more details.


HALLOWEEN COSTUME POLICY Please remember that students may not wear any masks or fake blood (for safety reasons) during the Halloween parade. This year, we will also not allow clown costumes (see above). Also, no fake weapons of any kind are allowed. Students should be prepared to change back into their regular clothes as soon as the parade is over.


HALLOWEEN TREAT POLICY -  TUSD Wellness Policy restricts food not meeting Senate Bills 12 & 965 Guidelines for nutritional value. In general, no candy or sugary items are allowed at school. Any treats that are brought to school (even if not eaten at school) must meet the Wellness Policy Guidelines. For more information about the TUSD Wellness Policy click here.


HALLOWEEN PARADE PARKING The church across the street will be available for parking on the day of the parade. Please DO NOT park in the staff lot as these are assigned spots for our staff members. Thanks!


Information from the District: 


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As many of you already know, in the past several weeks, there has been increased reports of individuals dressing up as clowns and creating disturbances nationwide. Many of these incidents have occurred in and around public areas, including parks and schools. There is heightened anxiety and fear over clown sightings due to several incidents being reported of a disturbing nature.

Though nothing has been reported in our District, in light of these recent reports, clown costumes WILL NOT BE ALLOWED at any TUSD school site during the Halloween season. This rule ensures everyone (students, staff, and parents) is able to fully enjoy the holiday festivities.

Additionally, this allows us to easily identify any individual attempting to come on to our campuses to create an unsafe environment. Staff, security, and law enforcement, will be able to quickly identify anyone in a clown costume, and immediately know they do not belong. Such individuals will be dealt with accordingly.

If you have any questions, please speak with your student’s principal. It is always our goal to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and school community. We appreciate your cooperation, efforts, and support in helping us keep our students and schools safe.



APEX FUN RUN IS COMING! We are so excited to announce that our school will be participating in the Apex Fun Run this year as our major fundraiser! We had an amazing Apex Fun Run last school year and profited more than $16,000! The first 10% of the funds went directly to the teachers to spend in their classrooms. Then we were able to purchase additional iPads and Chromebooks for our classrooms, as well as help to fund our math intervention program. This year, the funds from our Apex Fun Run will be used once again to support our classroom technology and intervention programs. The Apex program will be with our students from November 1st to November 10th, teaching leadership and fitness as we raise pledges to help our school. Please feel free to visit www.apexfunrun.com to learn about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership and fitness. Click here for the letter that went home with students on Monday (10/24). Be sure to review it before next Tuesday’s Pep Rally, and thanks in advance for your support! 


Safety Information

Emergency Information

EARTHQUAKE  - no bells (duck, cover, and hold) – then evacuate



FIRE - Continuous 10 second bell, 5 second pause, repeated to evacuate.


SHELTER IN PLACE - 1 long bell, 2 short bells, repeat 3 times.  Announcement over the PA system.


Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, please be assured that our school and school district have prepared and continue to update our emergency plans. However, your cooperation is essential to support your child who may be at school when such an emergency occurs. These are some of the most important things you can do:

  • Preparedness: Make sure the Online Emergency Card information is current and accurate.
  • Provide your child with his/her “Student Survival Kit”, which will be kept in the classroom with the current blue “Emergency” card. This kit will help sustain your child until he/she can be picked up safely from school. The “Student Survival Kit” specifications can be found on the Arnold Website www.arnold.tusd.org


If there is a disaster . . .

  • Remain Calm
  • Do not telephone the school; telephone lines may be needed for emergency communications.
  • Walk, do not drive, to school to pick up your child. Streets must be kept open for emergency vehicles.
  • Come to the “release area” at the back gate on 228th.  Parents are not allowed to enter campus during an emergency. Parents must fill out a Student Emergency Release Form and then a staff member will radio the classroom teacher for release of the student.
  • Tune your radio to KFI 640AM, KNX 1070AM or KFOX 93.5FM for emergency announcements.
  • All children will be kept at school until we are able to make some type of contact with you. Our staff members are prepared to become civil defense employees in times of emergency and will remain on campus to assist children until dismissed by the principal.
  • The school is equipped with emergency medical supplies, water, and various types of needed equipment and tools. The more prepared the school and community members are, the safer our children will be.
  • Please cooperate with school personnel during an emergency.

October is PTA Membership Madness Month

It is not too late to purchase a membership to our fabulous PTA!  We are having a PTA Membership Drive this month.  With every paid PTA membership of only $8, your child will receive a coupon for the Aquarium of the Pacific, a coupon for Baskin-Robbins ice cream, and a coupon for Google Express.  Your child will also receive one spirit stick!


Not only that, the classroom with the highest number of PTA memberships by the end of October will win a special Halloween prize per student and a frozen treat on Halloween!  Remember, anyone can purchase a PTA membership, including moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors and friends!  You can purchase a PTA Membership directly on our website at www.arnold-pta.org.  If you prefer to pay by check, membership envelopes will be available in the school office.  Just fill it out, place your check inside, and leave it in the PTA box in the office.  Let's support our amazing PTA by purchasing a PTA membership!

Important Reminders!

School Parking Lot Safety

The spaces in the Arnold School parking lot are assigned for staff only.  Due to limited parking space, we have a valet drop-off system in the morning. When picking up your child from school, please do not double park; double parking is unlawful and unsafe. Students are to remain on the curb until a car stops at the curb or an adult parks and comes to get the student. Do NOT park in spaces specifically designated for staff only. Students should not step between cars to enter a car. The parking lot is considered a street and all rules of street safety apply.


Valet Safety

Thank you to our 5th grade CHAMPPS (Champs Have and Model Positive Peer Skills) students who have been helping out with our morning valet.


We would like to pass along some rules regarding our morning valet system.  Please read them and then decide if this is right for you and your child.  

  • Please watch your speed as you’re entering the line.
  • Pull as far forward as possible, keep engine running and DO NOT GET OUT OF CAR!
  • Children must be ready to exit on the right side with backpacks in hand.
  • In conjunction with the two previous rules, backpacks need to be with the child, not in the trunk or anywhere else in the car.
  • Your child’s exit needs to be swift...there are a lot of cars waiting behind you.  If extended hugging and kissing are necessary for you or your child then you should probably walk your child in to school.
  • Refrain from using your cell phone during drop off.  It is a safety issue.
  • Please do not turn left out of the parking lot, as it creates a traffic jam.

Before and After School Care



For information about the Arnold YMCA Child Care Program, please call the YMCA Child Care Office at 310-325-5885, ext. 7498.


For information regarding the City of Torrance After-School Club, please call the Community Services Department at 310-618-2994 or visit their website at:http://www.ci.torrance.ca.us/Parks/7128.htm

city of torrance.jpg


Important! Pick up Policy



Please remember that you CAN NOT park in the staff parking lot when picking up your child after school.  Cars are only allowed in the valet line for pick-up. Parking behind cars in the staff parking lot blocks our staff from being able to leave and creates a possible fire hazard.   


PLEASE NOTE: Do not let children run around unsupervised if you are waiting outside the front gates for upper grade dismissal.  School is still in session for the other students.


Latest News


10/24 - 10/28 - Red Ribbon Week

10/31 - Halloween Parade (@ 9:15 am)



11/1-11/10 - APEX Fundraising

6 - Daylight Savings time ends

8 & 9 - 3rd Grade GATE Testing

10 - APEX Fun Run

18 - PTA Association Mtg (6:00)

18 - Movie Night (6:30)

22 - End of Trimester 1

23-25 - Thanksgiving Break



1 - Barnes & Noble Night (6:00)

5 - 16 - Parent Conferences (Early Out Kinder 1:40, 1st - 3rd: 2:03, 4th-5th 2:12)

8 - PTA Board Mtg (6:00)

15 - Band Winter Concert (6:30)